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Tom NatociTom Natoci

In 1980, Tom tasted a Chalone 1977 Chardonnay. It was rich, buttery and exemplified natural and man-made beauty like only wine can. Sunshine, nectar and craftsmanship transformed young Tom. His passion was supported by the fellowship of other enthusiasts: Tim McCarthy (Cost Plus), Joe Sanchez, Richard Vincent (Traffic Jam & Snug), Madeline Triffon (Unique Restaurant Corp.), Rick Lopos (Viviano), Chip Delsner (AHD Vintners), Dale Olis (Demorest), Shelly Eichner (J Winery), Paul Antonelli (Veritas), John Lossia (Merchant's Fine Wine) and Elie Boudt (Elie's) were among them. This round-table of tasters witnessed together the surge in quality of California wine during the 1980s, as well as the unimpeachable, classic flavors of Europe. In 1998, Tom joined Cloverleaf as a wine consultant.

Terry JettkeScott Collins

Each of us can point to specific events in our past that have helped shape the way we think about certain aspects of living. For me, two bottles of wine, enjoyed more than a decade ago, opened my eyes to what well-tended grapes in the hands of the right people can become. Since that awakening, wine continues to be fascinating, surprising, amazing, amusing, confusing, thrilling, perplexing, sometimes disappointing, often humbling, and on more than one occasion has left me almost speechless. With the craft beer world exploding and more wines than ever before being brought to market, the challenge of finding the next great value may seem daunting. Have no fear, my fellow oenophile. I, your humble servant, gladly accept this challenge and will work tirelessly, leaving no cork un-popped and no brew un-sipped, in pursuit of these nectars of the gods. After all, when you do what you love, you can’t help but love what you do.

Terry JettkeTerry Jettke

A retired firefighter, part-time woodworker, and longtime wine enthusiast, Terry also brings a growing knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, artisanal and craft beers to the Cloverleaf staff. Terry makes all of our beer purchases and has discovered that beer aficionados love to talk about beer, learn something new, or make suggestions for stocking our shelves. He is more than happy to discuss your latest beer discovery, or to suggest something new for you to try.

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